Guidelines For Guest Submissions

The contribution should strictly meet the following requirements:

  1. Authors seeking to get published at HC Gazette can do so either by emailing us the full editorial piece or by sending us a pitch for a guest editorial.

  2. If submitting the full piece, it should be emailed as a Google Doc.

  3. If submitting a pitch for guest editorial, send an email (100-300 words) briefly discussing the piece you wish to write for HC Gazette.

  4. The pieces submitted should be 100% original and should not have been published anywhere else before.

  5. The pieces should be completely free of plagiarism. If the piece is found to be plagiarised, no contributions will be accepted from the author again.

  6. The pieces submitted must be 600 words at least. 

  7. The pieces should be checked for all grammatical errors (Grammarly can be used for this purpose).

  8. Writers will be provided with due credit for their contributions. 

  9. Authors must mention all references at the end of the piece.

Important Caveats:

  1. Editors reserve the right to reject contributions at their discretion.

  2. If solicited, the Editorial Board will be open to providing feedback for an author's contribution.

  3. The publication is open to contributions from individuals from all backgrounds.

  4. Editors reserve the right to edit, adapt, update and republish contributions at their discretion.

  5. In rare cases, contributed posts may be removed from the blog.

  6. Guest contributors must not republish their published contribution to Hindu College Gazette anywhere else.

Guidelines for Submissions:

  1. Guest editorial pitches or complete pieces can be submitted only through an email at

  2. The email sent must contain either “Guest Editorial Post” or “Guest Editorial Pitch” as the subject line. Any emails sent without either of these two subject lines will not be reviewed.

  3. The author may reach out to us on WhatsApp to enquire abut the status of their submission at 7814980528.


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