The Symposium Society

The Policy and Deliberation Forum of Hindu College

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The Symposium Society

The Policy and Deliberation Forum of Hindu College

The Symposium Society is the policy and deliberaton forum of Hindu College, University of Delhi. Since its inception in 2012 the society has made its mission the construction and promotion of deliberative culture within the institute.

The Symposium Society takes pride in being one of its kind in the varsity which focuses on stimulation of youth parliament and parliamentary debates and discussions among the college students. The organization follows a ‘General Body’ structure, with the President and Vice-President at the core. Among its many activities the prominent ones are the Prime Ministerial Debate and Interviews, Hindu Darbar, Hindu Mock Indian Parliament (HMIP), and Hindu Policy Forum (HPS). 

Group Discussions

The society prides itself with the free flow of thought and diverse opinions on various spheres of society and politics. The members of the society are encouraged to take active part in these bilingual discussions. 

PM Debate and Interviews 

Our biggest in-house event, the PM Debate and Interviews are a space for all the  candidates of our Parliament elections to interact with the student body members of the college. It is an online, non-biased discussion, which provides insights into a candidate’s credibility and work ethic. We, at Symposium believe in transparent and fair elections and we play a neutral role as a bridge between the candidates and the student body of our college.

Hindu Mock Indian Parliament

The society conducts the Hindu Mock Indian Parliament every year which is the oldest Youth Parliament in the Delhi University circuit, providing young minds a platform for dynamic deliberations in a stimulated environment. Participation includes students from all over the country.

Hindu Darbar

Hindu Darbar is our bilingual discursive forum, open to all members of the student body at Hindu College. This platform allows the students of the college to engage in fruitful discussions and debates about pertinent issues concerning the students in college. It is an open event, the details and suggestions from which are conveyed to the College Administration. Some of the important issues discussed by the society in this event in the past are: 'What Hindu Wants’, ‘NOTA in College Elections’, and ‘Student Dissent’.

Workshops & Seminars

The society holds frequent sessions and workshops on issues of social and political relevance and in line with this, the society collaborated in 2019 with Amnesty International to conduct a workshop on the topic "Troll Patrol India: Online Violence."

The Symposium Times

The Symposium Times was the annual newsletter of the society during the sessions 2018-2020. The aim of the newsletter was to provide a voice to all members of the student body which otherwise may get lost in the overwhelming experiences of college. 

Hindu College Gazette 

This is the latest and most ambitious endeavor of the society. Our initiative of an online magazine provides students, and individuals from all walks of life an opportunity to gain perspective regarding public policy, society, economics and culture through an objective lens. 


Executive Council


Neha Yadav


Aftar Ahmed


Aryan Pandey


Srijani Datta