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Hindu College Gazette is a bimonthly magazine published under the aegis of The Symposium Society, Hindu College. The magazine publishes opinion editorials and essays on politics, culture, society, along with other intersectional themes. We help our members enhance their skills in research, critical thinking, graphic designing, and writing whilst connecting our readers with insightful and engaging content. Our objective is to catalyse intuitive and insightful discussion and engagement in society through an academic lens. Within a very short span of time, its guest submissions have come to attract scholars from the University of Cambridge, Hyderabad University, NUJS, Christ University, and Indian Institute of Psychology and Research, among more than 15 other universities.

Hindu College Gazette focuses on a variety of themes such as public policy, economy, society, culture, international relations and geopolitics, history and sociology. The scope of articles range from the nuances of micro-human interactions to engagements within larger over-structures. Our vast coverage includes opinion editorials, photo essays, long forms, essays, and editorials. To match the high standards that we set for our content, we have erudite in-house writers, guest contributors, and columnists from all across India, coming from prestigious Indian and international universities.

Hindu College Gazette

From the Founders Desk

The HC Gazette is a brainchild of a simple conversation we both had. The presence of an online, informant magazine is something that Hindu College has lacked. 


The need and potential value of an online magazine in today’s time is massive. Making quality content accessible for our readers as well as providing a platform to Hinduites to engage in academic debate and research and the dissemination of knowledge is our mission. We envision HC Gazette to be the go-to for our readers for insights in politics, economy, society, and much else.


The current pandemic has left many of us feeling uncertain, underproductive and anxious. It has taken a toll on the mental health of many people. Many of us have also felt the loss of human social contact. Admittedly, we as a publication would also be constrained and confined during this time. 


However, we wish that all our readers, during the time of this pandemic and after it, are able to engage and connect with the issues we publish about. We hope to make this initiative successful with our dedication and your support. 


Akshaya & Amitoj

Meet The Team

Editorial Board (2024-25)

Emeritus Editorial Board 

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