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August -September Issue 2023

In our August-September issue: Ukranian Crisis in Literature, Knowledge and Scepticism in 'Doctor Faustus', Interconnection of Psychology and Art: Through the eyes of Louis Wain, Hamilton and the Great Unfinished American Symphony, Barbenheimer and The Political Dichotomisation of South Asia, Song of God: Unveiling the Bhagvad Gita, Military Coup of South Africa: The Dynamics of Sahel, Global Sustainability Disparities: North-South Dynamics , Genocide and Interplay of International Humanitarian Law: A Case Study of Darfur and Sudan, Impact of Cultural Diplomacy on Global Affairs: An analysis of France and Germany, Transition to a Multipolar World: Rise of New Powers in the International system, Greta Gerwigs Barbie and the Feminine Mystique, Prostitution Decriminalized: A Step Towards Achieving Inclusivity, The Indian Gender Role Conundrum: Tracing History and Glancing at Sensitisation, UAPA Amendment Act 2019: Examining it's Constitutionality, Vox Populi: The Climate's Canvas, Photo Essay: Kathputli and Reflection on the Letters of Rukhmabai: The 'Hindu Lady' who said No.


June - July Issue 2023

In our June-July Issue: Lord of The Flies: The Beast, Poverty Amid Plenty: Can Universal Basic Income Lead the Way? old, Never All It Seems: Artificial Intelligence from Behind, Gender Roles in Lysistrata, Embracing Equality Beyond Borders: Comparison between India and Nordic Countries, Unravelling the Tapestry of Morality: The Philosophical Defenses Against Same-Sex Marriage, Tawaif: A Hushed Culture, The Lost Generation: Unravelling the Criminal Propensity of Indian Youth, Judicial Exposed: 'Court' Unveils India's Troubled System, Confounding Complexities of Census, From Inside Out: Prisons, Crimes, and the Struggle for Rehabilitation, The 'Sanskriti' of Sanskrit: From a Magnificent Past to a Glorious Future, Dalits and a Myriad of Contradictions, The Manipur Crisis and Ensanguined Campus, Sudan Crisis, UNCLOS and The South China Sea, Federalism: Is the 'New' India charting a new definition? india's Blue Economy: Diving into the blue sea of opportunities, North East India and Foreign Diplomacy: The Opportunities and Challenges due to close border proximity with foreign countries, Royalty in Britain: Crown Towards an Inevitable Change.


April-May Issue 2023

In our April-May Issue: Karnataka Hijab Row: Competitive Communalism & Patriarchal Politics, The Multiple Shades of Body Positivity: Media Trends and Women’s Relationships with their bodies, Gender Sexuality and University Spaces, Saving (Harming) Women, Ardhanareshwar Philosophy: As a Gender Praxis, Gender in Philosophy, Gender Stereotypes in Literature, Gender Inequality has many known Faces, Gender Discrimination and Workplace, Reflection of Women in Panchayats, Reimagining Feminism with Dalit Praxis And, Matriliny in Meghalaya.


January-February Issue 2023

In our  January February Issue: Let's Talk About Pleasure, Paharia Revolt: A Precursor to the Nationalist Responses of India under the British, Two Hearts in a Sea of Conflict, History: The Shared and Constructed Disparity, Great Indian Railways Race to Punctuality: Neither Fast Nor on Time! , The Dispossessed Adivasi: The Problematic Tribal Identity in Hansda Sowyendra Shekar's The Adivasi Will Not Dance, Reeling Realities of Mental Health, Are Foreign Universities What We Need In Indian Higher Education?, The EWS Quota and The Times They Are A-Changin, Flood Watching In Chattnag, Theyyam: When the Untouchable Is Worshipped, The Last Calligraphers of Shahjahanabad, Andrew Tate: A Disgraced Phenomena or a Representation of Popular Culture?, The Poetry of Marlon Brando's Craft and Character, In Between Chumu And Behanji: How I See Love, Relations and Idea of Ideal Partner, Vox Populi: Ban of Non-Veg At Hansraj College- Forced Vegetarianism?,
Culture, Hijab and Feminism: Iran's History and a Global Outlook.


October-November Issue 2022

In our October November Issue: Naxals, Land Reforms and Urban Naxals, How Switching to Sustainable Fashion is Easier than you Think, सरकारी हस्पताल: एक सफ़र है सुहाना, True Crime: Its Dramatisation and Today’s Society, Earth’s Climate Crisis Draws Near: Is COP 27 Still Necessary, Migrating Stories: The Original Fanfiction, Preponderance of the Dollar in the World Economy and the Implications for Developing Markets, Crony Capitalism: India and An Unfolding Cycle, Exchange Rates: Mad Race for a Strong Rupee, Waves of Change Ideological Upheavals Globally, Views on CUET: The New Admission Procedure of Delhi University, India, Nobel and Politics, Anna Tsing Friction Spectacular Accumulation and Epistemic Injustice and its Import in India.


August-September Issue 2022

In our August - September Issue: Exploring the Relationship between National and International Law, The Politics of Indo - China Border Dispute, Sri Lankan Crisis: The Dragons Debt Diplomacy, Bangladesh’s Journey to the Looming Financial Crisis, American School Boards: Let’s Forget About Racism, Understanding Patriarchy through Epochs, Roe V Wade: Overturning 5 Decades of Struggle, Indian Diaspora: The Reflection and Embodiment of Inequalities, Sex Work: Recognising the Rights in Red Lights, Dharma: Religion - Not a Mirror Image, Defending Fair Play: Why Robert Tomb’s Review on RRR has more Malicious Undertones than is Apparent, Unfolding Adani Group’s Debt Strategies, Green Revolution: A Tale of Tyranny, 5:4 In The History, Football Transfer Market: The Showdown Behind the Scenes.


May-June Issue 2022

In our May - June Issue: The Greatest Heist in History: Story of Haiti's Misery, Feminist Judaism and The Advancement of Women’s Role in Jewish Tradition, Mass Shootings in the "Most Developed" Country in the World, A Confluence of Disasters: An Impending Meltdown, Daughters of Kobani: Kurdish Women at War, Comparative Analysis: Socio - Political Development of Women in India and South Korea, Food for Thought: Crossing the Veg Non Veg Divide, Vyasathirtha: A Philosopher Saint Polemical Genius, मैली यमुना और प्यासी दिल्ली, Through the Lens, The Booker is Not the Biggest Win for Ret Samadhi, Nature's Man to Man's Nature: Changing Relationship between Man and Nature, The Caste Myopia: Through Ambedkar's Lens, हमें मारना बंद करो: बेजवाडा विल्सन, Untangling Girlhood from Childhood, Sexism: The Soul of Indian Advertisement, Vulnerabilities of Sex Work: Social and Legal Marginalization of Sex Workers.


March-April Issue 2022

In our March - April issue: Right-wing at the helm: The Ascend Of The Far-Right In Europe, Foucault’s Disciplinary Society in ‘Minority Report’, NEW FRONTIERS OF PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE: The Israeli Menace of Pink Washing, Put Some Respect On My Cheque, Mahesh Dattani’s “Dance Like a Man”: Examining Social Biases & Heteronormativity, Breast Stories': Mahasweta Devi’s Book Reviews, WOMEN’s EDUCATION: Print Culture of Colonial India, Violence of Development, Kara Walker’s Gone: A Controversial Art Piece, Amidst The #FreeBritney Movement, Cancel Culture: Past, Present, and Presentiment, Postcolonialism as Culture: Some Notes on Syncretism in Light of a Music Video.


September-October Issue 2021



In our September-October Issue: Scottish Independence: An Escape Route from Brexit; A Facade of Anonymity: Grindr's Breach of User Privacy; Caste Census: The Conundrum of Counting Caste;  Natalie Wynn's Contrapoints: Humor, Drag, and Philosophy; Requiem of a Pandemic Forgotten; Confluence of Fashion and Postmodernism; The Story of Thoa Khalsa; The Gupta Age; The Igbo Landing Story; The Politis of Veganism; The Need for Judicial Diversity; Postcolonial Preference for Socialism; Greening Politics, and more.


July-August Issue 2021


In our July-August Issue:Marichjhapi Massacre; Colonial Chronicles Of Casteism; Addressing Period Poverty In India; Fallacious Rectitudes Of Colonial Suppression: Jamaica Demands Reparations; Artists Assemble: How Pettiness Brought The Art World Together; The Question Of Women's Priesthood; The Economics Of Olympics: From Grandiose To Otiose; The Old Faithful: Desecularization in the 80s; The Freudian Flub: Anatomy Is Not Destiny; Read Dostoevsky’s Crime and Punishment Through The Lens Of Psychopathology; A Case Study On The Demolitions At Khori; The Pride And The Peripeteia Of Paradise: A Tale Of Two Lyrics.


May-June Issue 2021

In our May - June Issue: Bhagalpur Massacre: The Forgotten "B" In Secularism; The Double Paradox Of Pink Tax And Gender Pay Gap; Field Notes From A Resistance: Asif And Natasha Speak Out; A Hundred Thousand Islands: An Approaching Tsunami Or A Wave Of Euphoria; Marx, Manifesto, And Methodology; Comfort Women: Tales Of Trauma And Twisted Apologies; Mastering The Art Of Propaganda With Joseph Goebbels; Panic In The Pandemic; Caste And Social Mobility: Climbing Ladders, Distancing Rungs; NFT: A Breakthrough Or A Hysteria?; And more.


March-April Issue 2021


In our March - April Issue: Neelakurinji: Fathoming The Opaque Lives Of Sex Workers; Campus Arena: Politics Of Dalit Identity; A Castrated Oedipus: A Manifesto Of Desiring Nothing; Capital Hegemony, Authoritarianism, And Academic Freedom; यथा राजा तथा प्रजा: दास्तान–ऐ–Covid 2.0; West Bengal Elections: Politics Of Language And Legacy; Icarus' Lost Paradise: The Oblivion Of Carl Schmitt; A Whitewashed International Media; Bhagwan Macaroni, CIA, And Vimochana Samaram; and much more.


January-February Issue 2021


In the January-February issue: Dada Movement - Artistic nihilism mocks the 20’s; Changing trends in modern warfare; India's increasing obsession with legalisation of marijuana; Wages for household work; The Mahatma versus Christian missionaries; Theism - Atheism in a post - pandemic world; Analysing debates pertaining to dead white men and their influence on university curriculum; The geo-political significance of Jammu & Kashmir; Romanian revolution and the socialist dictator Ceauşescu; Was there ever a cavewomen?; and much more.


September-October Issue 2020


In our September - October issue: The politics of cultural spaces; Rise of china as a threat to the west; Disputes and perspectives around hijab; The case for affirmative action in a meritocratic world; NEP 2020 and re-brahmanisation of education; Mass hysteria and the myth of population explosion; Modi’s leadership amidst the pandemic; The current state of Indian democracy; History of Kalidasa’s works through a marxist lens; Hijacking & co-optation of social movements; Relevance of the nuclear holocaust satire ‘Dr Strangelove’ in today’s world; and much more.

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