August-September Issue 2022

In our August - September Issue: Exploring the Relationship between National and International Law, The Politics of Indo - China Border Dispute, Sri Lankan Crisis: The Dragons Debt Diplomacy, Bangladesh’s Journey to the Looming Financial Crisis, American School Boards: Let’s Forget About Racism, Understanding Patriarchy through Epochs, Roe V Wade: Overturning 5 Decades of Struggle, Indian Diaspora: The Reflection and Embodiment of Inequalities, Sex Work: Recognising the Rights in Red Lights, Dharma: Religion - Not a Mirror Image, Defending Fair Play: Why Robert Tomb’s Review on RRR has more Malicious Undertones than is Apparent, Unfolding Adani Group’s Debt Strategies, Green Revolution: A Tale of Tyranny, 5:4 In The History, Football Transfer Market: The Showdown Behind the Scenes.


May-June Issue 2022

In our May - June Issue: The Greatest Heist in History: Story of Haiti's Misery, Feminist Judaism and The Advancement of Women’s Role in Jewish Tradition, Mass Shootings in the "Most Developed" Country in the World, A Confluence of Disasters: An Impending Meltdown, Daughters of Kobani: Kurdish Women at War, Comparative Analysis: Socio - Political Development of Women in India and South Korea, Food for Thought: Crossing the Veg Non Veg Divide, Vyasathirtha: A Philosopher Saint Polemical Genius, मैली यमुना और प्यासी दिल्ली, Through the Lens, The Booker is Not the Biggest Win for Ret Samadhi, Nature's Man to Man's Nature: Changing Relationship between Man and Nature, The Caste Myopia: Through Ambedkar's Lens, हमें मारना बंद करो: बेजवाडा विल्सन, Untangling Girlhood from Childhood, Sexism: The Soul of Indian Advertisement, Vulnerabilities of Sex Work: Social and Legal Marginalization of Sex Workers.


March-April Issue 2022

In our March - April issue: Right-wing at the helm: The Ascend Of The Far-Right In Europe, Foucault’s Disciplinary Society in ‘Minority Report’, NEW FRONTIERS OF PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE: The Israeli Menace of Pink Washing, Put Some Respect On My Cheque, Mahesh Dattani’s “Dance Like a Man”: Examining Social Biases & Heteronormativity, Breast Stories': Mahasweta Devi’s Book Reviews, WOMEN’s EDUCATION: Print Culture of Colonial India, Violence of Development, Kara Walker’s Gone: A Controversial Art Piece, Amidst The #FreeBritney Movement, Cancel Culture: Past, Present, and Presentiment, Postcolonialism as Culture: Some Notes on Syncretism in Light of a Music Video.


September-October Issue 2021



In our September-October Issue: Scottish Independence: An Escape Route from Brexit; A Facade of Anonymity: Grindr's Breach of User Privacy; Caste Census: The Conundrum of Counting Caste;  Natalie Wynn's Contrapoints: Humor, Drag, and Philosophy; Requiem of a Pandemic Forgotten; Confluence of Fashion and Postmodernism; The Story of Thoa Khalsa; The Gupta Age; The Igbo Landing Story; The Politis of Veganism; The Need for Judicial Diversity; Postcolonial Preference for Socialism; Greening Politics, and more.


July-August Issue 2021


In our July-August Issue:Marichjhapi Massacre; Colonial Chronicles Of Casteism; Addressing Period Poverty In India; Fallacious Rectitudes Of Colonial Suppression: Jamaica Demands Reparations; Artists Assemble: How Pettiness Brought The Art World Together; The Question Of Women's Priesthood; The Economics Of Olympics: From Grandiose To Otiose; The Old Faithful: Desecularization in the 80s; The Freudian Flub: Anatomy Is Not Destiny; Read Dostoevsky’s Crime and Punishment Through The Lens Of Psychopathology; A Case Study On The Demolitions At Khori; The Pride And The Peripeteia Of Paradise: A Tale Of Two Lyrics.


May-June Issue 2021

In our May - June Issue: Bhagalpur Massacre: The Forgotten "B" In Secularism; The Double Paradox Of Pink Tax And Gender Pay Gap; Field Notes From A Resistance: Asif And Natasha Speak Out; A Hundred Thousand Islands: An Approaching Tsunami Or A Wave Of Euphoria; Marx, Manifesto, And Methodology; Comfort Women: Tales Of Trauma And Twisted Apologies; Mastering The Art Of Propaganda With Joseph Goebbels; Panic In The Pandemic; Caste And Social Mobility: Climbing Ladders, Distancing Rungs; NFT: A Breakthrough Or A Hysteria?; And more.


March-April Issue 2021


In our March - April Issue: Neelakurinji: Fathoming The Opaque Lives Of Sex Workers; Campus Arena: Politics Of Dalit Identity; A Castrated Oedipus: A Manifesto Of Desiring Nothing; Capital Hegemony, Authoritarianism, And Academic Freedom; यथा राजा तथा प्रजा: दास्तान–ऐ–Covid 2.0; West Bengal Elections: Politics Of Language And Legacy; Icarus' Lost Paradise: The Oblivion Of Carl Schmitt; A Whitewashed International Media; Bhagwan Macaroni, CIA, And Vimochana Samaram; and much more.


January-February Issue 2021


In the January-February issue: Dada Movement - Artistic nihilism mocks the 20’s; Changing trends in modern warfare; India's increasing obsession with legalisation of marijuana; Wages for household work; The Mahatma versus Christian missionaries; Theism - Atheism in a post - pandemic world; Analysing debates pertaining to dead white men and their influence on university curriculum; The geo-political significance of Jammu & Kashmir; Romanian revolution and the socialist dictator Ceauşescu; Was there ever a cavewomen?; and much more.


September-October Issue 2020


In our September - October issue: The politics of cultural spaces; Rise of china as a threat to the west; Disputes and perspectives around hijab; The case for affirmative action in a meritocratic world; NEP 2020 and re-brahmanisation of education; Mass hysteria and the myth of population explosion; Modi’s leadership amidst the pandemic; The current state of Indian democracy; History of Kalidasa’s works through a marxist lens; Hijacking & co-optation of social movements; Relevance of the nuclear holocaust satire ‘Dr Strangelove’ in today’s world; and much more.