March - April 2021

In our March - April issue: Neelakurinji: Fathoming The Opaque Lives Of Sex Workers; Campus Arena: Politics Of Dalit Identity; A Castrated Oedipus: A Manifesto Of Desiring Nothing; Capital Hegemony, Authoritarianism, And Academic Freedom; यथा राजा तथा प्रजा: दास्तान–ऐ–Covid 2.0; West Bengal Elections: Politics Of Language And Legacy; Icarus' Lost Paradise: The Oblivion Of Carl Schmitt; A Whitewashed International Media; Bhagwan Macaroni, CIA, And Vimochana Samaram; and much more.

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January - February 2021

In our January - February issue: Dada Movement, Artistic nihilism mocks the 20’s; Changing trends in modern Warfare; India's increasing obsession with marijuana; Wages for household work; The Mahatma versus Christian missionaries; Theism - Atheism in a post - pandemic world; Debates surrounding dead white men's and their influence on university curriculum; The geo-political significance of Jammu & Kashmir; Romanian revolution and the Socialist Dictator Ceauşescu; Was there ever a cavewomxn?; and much more.

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September - October 2020

In our September - October issue— The politics of cultural spaces; Rise of china as a threat to the west; Disputes and perspectives around hijab; The case for affirmative action in a meritocratic world; NEP 2020 and re-brahmanisation of education; Mass hysteria and the myth of population explosion; Modi’s leadership amidst the pandemic; The current state of Indian democracy; History of Kalidasa’s works through a marxist lens; Hijacking & co-optation of social movements; Relevance of the nuclear holocaust satire ‘Dr Strangelove’ in today’s world; and much more.