The Symposium Society

Hindu College

The Symposium Society is the policy and deliberation forum of Hindu College, University of Delhi. Since its inception in 2012 the society has made its mission the construction and promotion of deliberative culture within the institute.

The Symposium Society takes pride in being one of its kind in the varsity which focuses on stimulation of youth parliament and discussions among the college students. The society conducts regular Group Discussions and publishes Hindu College Gazette. It also organises the Annual Prime Ministerial Debate & Interviews, Hindu Darbar, Hindu Mock Indian Parliament (HMIP) and Hindu Policy Summit (HPS).

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Hindu College Gazette

Hindu College Gazette is a digital magazine published by the Symposium Society, Hindu College connecting readers with the latest beats in politics, economy, and society through an objective and academic lens. Our objective is to help our members enhance their skills in research, critical thinking, graphic designing, and writing whilst connecting our readers with insightful and engaging content through our editorials, op-eds and long-forms.


Colloquium 2020

Environmental Policy, Circular Economy & Politics of Climate Change


Resource person: Ms. Gurmehr Marwah.